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Knoxville, Tennessee

Multiple Positions Available

Since 1985, we've had one mission: to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. That is still the purpose that drives us.

Wellness. Today, more than ever, consumers are looking for quality wellness products that will help them live healthy and vibrant lives. And no other company provides comprehensive wellness—physical, financial, environmental, and personal—like Melaleuca. It’s our world-class products and unique business model that allow us to deliver benefits unmatched anywhere else. And it’s our team of smart, capable, dedicated employees that brings wellness to life every day and makes us The Wellness Company.

We believe that nature provides everything we need to live a healthy, vibrant life. We’ve spent millions of dollars over the last 30+ years unlocking nature’s secrets and bringing them to the world in more than 400 world-class health and wellness products. Our brand logo—the Leaf & Drop—stands as a reminder that we look to nature for the best solutions, and we know how to put the power of nature to work. We’re revolutionizing the way customers shop for consumer goods, and the money we save in this process allows us to deliver better, safer, higher-quality products that replace the grocery store brands most consumers use today.